Classical Piano Instructions & Children's Piano Lessons in Nashville TN.

Learn a timeless art with classical piano instructions and more from Lana Piano from Nashville TN. Challenging and enjoyable, learning to play the Piano offers rewards that last a lifetime. An experienced music teacher Svetlana Keith can guide you on your journey

Master the Keyboard & More

Whether you are novice to an experienced player, Keith teaches you everything you need to become an accomplished player starting with simple songs and advancing to complicated pieces, Her methods give you a comprehensive education.

Unleash the Composer Within

Your piano education includes not only lessons in reading music and playing scales, but basic theory and history of music as well.  From Bach and Beethoven to Chopin and Rachmaninoff.  You can learn about the greatest composers of all time and their influences on artist of today.

Have Fun Playing Four Hands!

One of the important moments in learning piano is how to share a keyboard. Playing four hands can be challenging but is super fun at the same time!